About the Event

aOS Singapore is taking place for the second time in 2019. We are extremely honoured to have 19 subject matter experts from around the world coming to Singapore to share their knowledge with us, and to exchange ideas on how to leverage your investments in the Microsoft cloud (Azure, Office 365). The event will also give you the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, make new connections, and build your support network.

We will cover a range of topics, and session will include both foundation information about the tools discussed, as well as demos and best practices from the field.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our event in October, and we hope you'll have a fruitful time at aOS Singapore!

Who is it for?

Sessions cover a range of topics and are suitable for people fo different technical backgrounds (developers, administrators, power users) and roles (decision makers, CxOs, specialists, executives). No matter if you've got a decade of experience with Microsoft collaboration technologies, or if you just started working with PowerApps, there's something for everyone! Learn how others use the various technologies to maximise their potential, and get inspired to incorporate them into your own organisations!

  • Business Decision Makers : What can it do? What value does it provide?
  • IT Pro : How can I manage it effectively?
  • Developers : How can I create new valuable solutions with it?

19 October 2019


Free Community Event

19 Local & International

Our event is sold out! Additionally, our waitlist is more than full, so no registrations are possible anymore. Please join us on https://www.meetup.com/mssgug/ for future events

Event Schedule

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Registration opens latest by 8.30am at Frasers Tower Level 1. Opening Session starts at 9am

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18 Sessions, 3 Tracks

Business Track

IT Pro Track

Developer Track

All about documents in O365 and SharePoint

Speaker: Sébastien Paulet

Facing the important number of document related applications in Office 365 (SharePoint, O365 Groups, One Drive, Teams, Yammer), which one is the best to use for which kind of document? When to use them? Once clarified this question, we will focus on SharePoint, the central content manager of O365, and study its capabilities as a DMS (document management system) in comparison with the other classical vendors. For IT Decision maker, get a clear view about which tool to promote to end users. Get a reusable governance plan for document management. Get successful SharePoint projects by designing sustainable solutions.

Automate Office 365 Administration with Azure Automation

Speaker: Sylver Schorgen

How can we leverage Azure Automation in order to automate Office 365 administration. Demos will be shown for this session :)

Azure Functions with SharePoint Webhooks

Speaker: Rifaj Aboobacker

Hands-on session demonstrating SharePoint webhooks subscription on Azure functions to run custom tasks. Planning session on Azure function extracting key phrases using text analytics API. When a new data is added on SharePoint lists say a long text, the key phrases in this text is extracted and using text analytics API to update it back on the lists as key phrases/tags. Notes and comments

Office 365 Groups : Best Practices and What's New for Managing

Speaker: Muditha Chathuranga

In this session, you will learn how companies are successfully managing Office 365 Groups today. Find out how you can quickly and easily drive Microsoft 365 teamwork apps usage and adoption and be the hero in your organization. Topics include: driving self-service, implementing business processes, security and data governance, guest access, and supporting groups day-to-day at scale. You will also learn best practices implemented at Microsoft and from different customers and industries worldwide.

Build your Modern SharePoint Intranet in 1 hour

Speaker: Knut Relbe-Moe

Modern SharePoint has been here already for soon 3 years and it gets better and better. Join Microsoft MVP Knut Relbe-Moe to learn about the different building blocks that Microsoft offers, and also to learn a few nice to have SharePoint Framework solutions from the PNP community. During this session we will cover multiple Office 365 tools such as Communication Sites, Team Sites, Site Designs, Branding, Flow, PowerApps We will also cover the limitations, and what options there is to overcome them So join this session to get started with building your Modern SharePoint Intranet

Building Apps for Microsoft Teams

Speaker: Jenkins NS

Microsoft Teams provides a chat-based work space, helping people work together. If users are in Teams, why not bring the work to them? Using Teams Apps, we can ensure that business processes and applications are front and center. In this session I will show you how to develop different types of apps (tabs, bots, Task Modules, Message Extensions and Authentication) for Microsoft Teams and publish.

Value of Microsoft PowerApps Platform to Enterprises

Speaker: Leo Kyaw

A story why the enterprise should embark on the low-code platform like Microsoft PowerApps, and how to align the capability of the platform with the values proposition, ROI and business objectives of the customers.

Day-to-day processes optimization in Office 365

Speaker: Tomasz Poszytek & Edyta Gorzon

Being business user is not always easy, especially when talking about a need for optimization of day-to-day processes. Luckily, thanks to a growing number of citizen developers, in organizations using Office 365 these frustrations can be handled easily! Using Office 365 as your digital workplace delivers you a set of tools that you can use to make processes more efficient or even automate them. In this session we will show you, how using Flow, Teams and other tools from Office 365 helped us to optimize marketing processes.

Customizing the modern experiences in SharePoint Online

Speaker: Christian Ståhl

Learn all about how to brand & design a SharePoint Online site with help of themes, site designs, extensions and custom SPFx web parts. This session will get you understand what the common pitfalls are, and how you can brand SharePoint according to Microsoft's best practices.

What you need to know to deploy Microsoft Teams successfully

Speaker: Sabrine Chouk

Teams has become today THE tool for modern collaboration! So lets discover Teams together and brainstorm how to make a teams' deployment a success. Different words like technical readinness, migration, governance and user adoption might come up !

Empower your mobile workforce using Microsoft Kaizala

Speaker: Vignesh Ganesan

Ever since Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella has announced the public preview of Microsoft Kaizala in the Future Decoded event in India on 22nd Feb 2017 it has started to become a buzz word in the industry and many organizations have started showing interest in this chat software . As a Collaboration TSP at Microsoft for Public Sector , I work closely with many customer who have successfully adopted Microsoft Kaizala and in this session I'll be talking about what is Microsoft Kaizala , what is the value proposition you'd get when you use Microsoft Kaizala and I'll also be discussing about how you can empower your mobile workforce using Microsoft Kaizala with some cool demoes . I'll also be sharing some amazing use cases as well as some success stories that we've seen at the public sector in India with Microsoft Kaizala.

Azure Secure DevOps Kit

Speaker: Cheah Eng Soon

The Secure DevOps Kit for Azure (AzSK) offers a set of scripts, tools, extensions, automations, etc. for dev ops teams which are using automation and are integrating security into native dev ops workflows.

PowerApps and SharePoint: Better together.

Speaker: Gokan Ozcifci

Since Microsoft announced the long-term deprecation cycle for InfoPath, business users and power users have been waiting for better answers. Wait no longer! PowerApps is officially here as your InfoPath replacement, and even better – Microsoft is releasing PowerApps templates to get us started. First, we’ll talk through the basics, then we’ll cover how to use templates and finally, we’ll build a form from scratch. This session will help you get familiar with PowerApps so that you can go back to work feeling confident that you can provide great solutions, without having to wait on your development team. Come to my session and See how PowerApps can be used to display richer and more functional views of your data - now, directly in SharePoint and Teams with supported web parts and components.

Securing IT Against Modern Threats with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Security Tools

Speaker: Michael Noel

Organizations today are facing unprecedented and sophisticated attacks to their internal Information Technology infrastructure. These evolving attacks include cryptojacking, spear phishing, credential hijacking, and more and can result in significant data loss and/or theft of confidential and valuable intellectual property. In response to these threats, Microsoft has released an array of tools such as Azure Sentinel, Cloud App Security, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, and more which can help to secure and protect against these threats. These tools work with both On-Premises and cloud-based infrastructure to provide for comprehensive protection of hybrid environments. This session breaks down each of these Microsoft tools and provides for an understanding of their value for specific security scenarios. A simple, no-marketing approach is taken to evaluating each individual tool, and a simple breakdown of what is provided with each Microsoft licensing model is outlined. Attendees will gain a better appreciation to which tools to utilize and how to better protect their Information Technology investments from the type of career-ending attacks which are unfortunately common today. • Understand how modern threats such as cryptojacking, spear phishing, credential hijacking, and more are commonly faced in today’s IT environments and what tools and techniques can be used to mitigate the risk faced by these modern threats • Examine Microsoft security tools such as the Office 365 Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Security Center, Cloud App Security, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management, Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure Information Protection, and more. • Understand which tools are available for each licensing model in the Microsoft world and when it may make sense to ‘upgrade’ existing licenses to support specific toolsets as opposed to investment in third-party tools

Surfacing MS Teams using SPFx

Speaker: Kirti Prajapati

How to build custom solutions for Microsoft Teams using SharePoint Framework Starting with the SharePoint Framework v1.8, you can also implement your Microsoft Teams tabs using SharePoint Framework. This significantly simplifies Teams tab development process as SharePoint Framework web parts are automatically hosted within SharePoint without any need for external services The first is the ability to create Teams tabs that contain SPFx solutions (web parts). Conceptually it’s quite simple: any SPFx web part you deploy that’s accessible to the SharePoint site that backs a Microsoft Teams team can be added as a custom tab in the team. Behind the scenes, there’s a special page in SharePoint that loads the web part on the page and the Teams client displays that page. To the end user, it looks like a SPFx web part is running within Microsoft Teams. As a developer, there’s a new microsoftTeams object on the page context API within SPFx that you can leverage to get Teams-specific things.

Successful Office 365 implementation - The 10 Myths

Speaker: Chan Ming Man

There is a lot to take into consideration when implementing Office 365, but these 10 talking points should help you to cut down your nightmares night after night. You will learn to use these points to make your management confident in your Office 365 implementation. You will also learn how to spend effectively for Office 365 implement, shorten the path for return on investment. You can have successful change management implement with Office 365 by following some of these key points. You can even source for a better Office 365 consultant by following these 10 myths as well.

Using the SPF, DKIM and DMARC Frameworks to reduce Spoofing in Office365

Speaker: Vincent Choy

Email Spoofing has become common place. Hackers are creating fake email and messages, targeting both the unsuspecting public, your customers, or even your own users, for financial and other malicious gains. This is because Email lacks the ability to verify authenticity of all received mails. Fraudsters have taken advantage of this fundamental flaw to full advantage. 3 Frameworks, SPF in April 2014, DKIM in 2011, and DMARC in 2015. Together, these 3 frameworks work in tandem to help combat email fraud. Many security devices and email providers have adopted these standards, including Microsoft Office 365 and Google. However, these frameworks are often misunderstood. This session explains how these frameworks help prevent mail fraud and why adopting these frameworks in an organization would help both their own users, and their customers, suppliers or even the general public from being spoofed by fraudsters using the organization's email domain.

Using Artificial Intelligence in SharePoint Framework Solutions

Speaker: Hugo Bernier

Learn how you can integrate the various services available with Azure Cognitive Services in your custom SPFx solutions to solve real-world problems using practical business solutions.


Chan Ming Man

Ming Man is Microsoft MVP since year 2006. He is a software development manager for a multinational company. With 29 years of experience in the IT field, he has developed system using Clipper, COBOL, VB5, VB6, VB.NET, Java and C #. He has been using Visual Studio (.NET) since the Beta back in year 2000. He and the team have developed many projects using .NET platform supporting different key functional areas in the organizations such as engineering, sales, and marketing. He is familiar with the architecture design of business application and is also an expert with database experience in MS SQL, Oracle and AS 400. He is familiar Application Life Cycle Management using the Agile and CMMI methodology.

Christian Ståhl

Senior Enterprise Architect, Tieto

SharePoint Branding & front end developer

Edyta Gorzon

SharePoint Saturday Warsaw Girl, Community Freak!

My story with Microsoft technology started in 2013 in the role of business development professional responsible for channel management and marketing. Today, I am an aspiring consultant of modern workplace solutions who tries to combine business attitudes with technical aspects. However, the best thing that happened in my professional life is a possibility to be a part of Community. I am co-founder and key organizer of SharePoint Saturday Warsaw, happy team member of ShareCon365 & aOS Ambassador. I believe that the greatest value are people, technology helps to strengthen these relationships.

Gokan Ozcifci

Microsoft MVP, RD. Valo Intranet

Gokan is an independent SharePoint and Office365 consultant for Valo Intranet where he assists customers with building innovative, intelligent and responsive cloud driven solutions. With the Mobile first, Cloud first ideology, his goal is to empower every person and organization to do more with the Microsoft cloud and the ecosystem is perfectly aligned to accelerate this. Creativity, automation and perspective are what he loves most when using the Microsoft cloud, so every customer can be more agile, responsive and competitive. Gokan is a frequent – and funny – conference speaker. He presented at numerous national and international conferences and is actively involved in European and American conferences: Microsoft Techdays, Microsoft Experiences, European SharePoint Conferences, SharePoint Days and SharePoint Fest are a few major ones. A proud author of books that reached the half million of downloads and founder of several communities, Gokan is a real community warrior. Due to his active contributions in these domains, he has been honoured with Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Additionally, he is an active Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Regional Lead for all MCTs in Belgium. You can always talk to me about: Soccer. World Traveling. Food. Next-Gen Cloud Systems. Architecture & Strategy. SharePoint + Office365!

Hugo Bernier

Director, Consulting Services, Point Alliance

Hugo is someone people call when their SharePoint and Dynamics 365 projects are doomed to fail. As the self-proclaimed "World's Laziest Developer", and a certified SCRUM Master, he teaches organizations how to achieve success with the least effort possible. Hugo is an active member of the SharePoint Development Community and has created several PnP controls and countless web parts.

Cheah Eng Soon

Microsoft MVP

Eng Soon is a Microsoft MVP and certified Professional with more than 6 years of working experience ranging from Microsoft Azure,Xamarin,and Web.
As a developer, besides the development task, he also involved in Application Security ,Cloud Security and DevSecOps.

Jenkins NS

Sharepoint & Office 365 Consultant

Jenkins is a Sharepoint & Office 365 consultant living in Chennai, India providing innovative and cost effective solutions. He holds Master degrees in Information Technology. He is passionate about SharePoint and actively participates in SharePoint Communities and conduct sessions in our organization.

Kirti Prajapati

SharePoint Architect | SharePoint Consultant

Kirti is a Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professional (MCTS), has 10+ years of progressive experience in Architect, Designing, Developing, Deployment and Administration of SharePoint Applications and Implementation of business applications in Client/Server and Distributed Environments. Kirti works with clients to develop and deploy comprehensive solutions on SharePoint and Office 365. Kirti shares his knowledge at https://mysharepointsolution.wordpress.com/ as he believes that Knowledge is power and sharing knowledge is empowering!

Knut Relbe-Moe

Partner Manager & Product Evangelist

Knut was awarded with the Microsoft® Office Server and Services MVP Award for 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015. Knut is a Microsoft® Office Server & Services MVP, conference speaker and blogger. He is the founder of docsnode, a template solution for SharePoint and Microsoft Office. He is the founder and CTO at Knowledge People as, and he works as Product Evangelist and Partner Manager for Valo, a company that delivers a key ready Intranet in a box solution to SharePoint. Knut is MCSE SharePoint, MCSA Office 365 and MCT. He delivers both engaging keynotes and highly technical sessions (level 400) on many different subjects in the Office 365 space. His job as an architect is to engage people and companies in evaluating and adopting new technologies as well as running key projects as a consultant. His core competence is to explain complex scenarios and make it understandable by combining technical insight and business value. As a SharePoint enthusiast he is the organizer, program manager and marketing guy for the SharePoint Saturday in Oslo

Leo Kyaw

Director, Microsoft Practice

An IT professional who is passionate about cutting-edge IT technologies mainly on Microsoft platform. Over 12 years of experience in implementing IT projects using different Microsoft products (SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, ASP.Net, etc.) and taking various roles such as Developer, Project Lead, Project Manager, Solution Architect, and Practice Director.

Michael Noel

Come to the Azure side...we have cookies

Michael Noel is an internationally recognized technology expert and bestselling author who has spoken on a broad range of topics at over 220 events in over 80 unique countries around the world. He has authored over two dozen major industry books including the bestselling SharePoint Unleashed series. Currently a partner at Convergent Computing (cco.com) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael's writings and extensive public speaking experience leverage his real-world expertise helping businesses realize real value from both on-premises and cloud offerings.

Muditha Chathuranga

Technical Consultant | Professional Trainer | Speaker

Muditha is a Senior Technical Consultant working for Green House Data, who brings years of experience in different business domains in IT. At Green House Data, he primarily focuses on enterprise collaboration, information security, and governance, using Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, EM+S, and Azure. His expertise expands beyond Microsoft realm and, he's also experienced in many Open Source technologies as well. He holds multiple technical certifications from Microsoft. MCSE Productivity (Charter), MCSA Office 365, MS Designing and Deploying Exchange Server 2016 (Charter), and MS Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions are to name a few. Apart from his primary role as technical consultant, as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, he conducts Microsoft Official Courseware trainings as well as custom tailored trainings. He is a recipient of Microsoft MVP award in Office Apps and Services category. He regularly speaks at local and international conferences and, at events that focus on enterprise collaboration, information security, and governance. He's a regular contributor to various Microsoft technology communities and, one of the community leads in Sri Lanka IT Pro Forum, which is the Sri Lanka's leading user group for discussing Microsoft infrastructure and cloud technologies.

Rifaj Aboobacker

Technical Lead, Earth9 Pte Ltd

Software Developer | Cloud Enthusiast | .Net Specialist | Passionate Technologist | Loves Gadgets, Football | Wannabe Entrepreneur

Sabrine Chouk

Office 365 Consultant and Trainer at Athena IT Consulting

MVP Office Servers and Services, P-seller Modern workspace, founder of Athena IT Consulting

Sébastien Paulet

MVP - all on document management and project methodology for lazy people

12 years as consultant, dev, tech lead, project manager, trainer, team leader, speaker around SharePoint and O365 technologies and fond of topics around #documentation, #archiving, #lean, #scrum, #roi, #ergonomy.

Sylver Schorgen

I'm a consultant at SF2i, a french IT company based in Noumea, New-Caledonia.

My name is Sylver and I am currently working as a consultant on Office 365 and SharePoint technologies in an IT services company called SF2i, located in Nouméa, New Caledonia, and in Tahiti, French Polynesia. I also co-created and I co-organize technical events around Microsoft technologies as part of Afterwork MS New Caledonia (with Julien CHABLE). I am also MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management since 2018.

Tomasz Poszytek

Business apps and processes specialist

SharePoint and Office 365 expert with many years of experience, implementing business solutions following the low-code / no-code approach using Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, with a support of SharePoint, Power Bi, Azure. A fan of automation of modern workplace processes and existing solutions. Co-organizer of SharePoint Saturday Warsaw and active community member, blogger and speaker.

Vignesh Ganesan

Technology Solutions Professional

I work as a TSP ( Technology Solutions Professional ) in Microsoft . As a Technology Solutions Professional , I map out and design technical solutions that meets my customer needs and drive their Digital Transformation so that they can get the best out of their Office 365 and SharePoint Implementation. I'm a C Sharp Corner MVP as well . In addition to that I've also done Microsoft certifications on SharePoint , Office 365 , Windows Server & SQL Server

Vincent Choy

Senior Cloud Consultant

Vincent Choy is Senior Consultant for Cloud Adoption for Fedelis Asia Group of Companies. He has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. He appears regularly on local media sharing his views on how Cloud Computing gives local companies the competing edge. To date, Vincent and his team has a installed base of more than 20,000 Office365 seats, ranging from 3 person outfits to large enterprises.


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